Living Faith Church Goshen, km 26, Abuja-Keffi Road.

Service Units

At the Living Faith Church Goshen, opportunities abound for everyone to participate in the covenant obligation of rendering services to the Lord and ministering to the needs of the saints through active participation in services offer by different Units in the Church.  You shall be greatly blessed as you fully identify with any of these Service Units through their contacts below:

“…And thy father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly” ( Matt 6:6).


Children Department

Deut 6:6-7:They serve to maintain order in the Children/Teen’s  Section, and teach our children/teens in the way of the Lord.


2Chron. 5:13-14:Leads the congregation to offer quality praise and worship music to the Lord, and ministering spiritual songs to the edification of the church.

Counselling/Follow Up

Acts 18:25- 26;15:36: Receives and counsels new converts after every service and ensure follow-up of the same.


Ps.68:11; Isa. 8:16: Recording and documentation of testimonies of members and typing them out appropriately.  Follow up testifiers for relevant details and proofs.

Crowd Control

1 Cor. 14:40:Ensures orderly movement of worshipers within  the sanctuary and the entire premises.


Exo. 31:2-9: See to the decoration and beautification of the  church for all occasions.


Rom. 1:19-20; Jer. 18:2-6:Propagate the gospel through drama presentation.


John 15:16: Organize periodic evangelism to win souls for Christ.


Rom.12:13; Heb 13:1, 2: Creates a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for worshipers in the church services and showing kindness and care to those in need of  physical support.


Luke 10: 33 ,34:Attend to medical needs during services, giving care and first aid treatments to those in need of medical attention at the church clinic.

Sanctuary Keeping

Exo. 19:10, 11; Gen. 2:15:Ensures that the sanctuary of God and the entire  church premises are  well kept for the glory of His name.


Neh. 7:3:Ensures the security of lives and properties within the church premises during service.


Exo. 36:1-2: It sets up and maintain all public address systems and equipment in the church. Also,  assist in the reproduction of teaching materials on tapes,  CDs, Mp3, etc.


2 Chron. 1:14:  Attends to vehicular movements within the premises and the adjoining roads leading to the church.


Isaiah. 2:3; Micah 4:1, 2: Coordinate the transportation of members to and from church. Direct buses through the designated routes.


Psalms. 84:10: Receives and directs worshippers to their seats and ensure their orderliness in the services. Also helps in the distribution of  church-related materials to worshippers.